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Sally Kingsley

Equine Dentistry

Equipment and fees

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My equipmnt

My wide range of equipment enables me to choose the most appropriate tools for treating every horse individually at each visit. I have a complete set of hand floats (rasps) and speculums plus a specialised equine motorised unit which many horses find more comfortable. This is powered by a battery, so there are no wires or electricity to worry about. I tend to use a combination of hand and power tools to achieve the desired results. I have spares of everything so that there need never be a problem with kit failing. Older power units have been somewhat unreliable as they were not specifically designed for equine dentistry. But the HDE engine I use IS expressly made for horses. I find it an excellent tool, making the process more efficient and kinder on your horse.

My fees

Routine treatment £50 -£60

Corrective work to improve a severe malocclusion such as hooks and ramps or wave mouth by consultation

Sedation £30, can be more or less depending on dose.

Single horse treatment incurs extra travel and setup costs similar to the charge your local vet would make.
I offer discount for yards with over 10 horses to treat per visit.

I offer half price for the demo horse as an introduction to large yards.

I do not offer credit and expect to be paid in full before leaving your yard.