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Sally Kingsley

Equine Dentistry

Indications for dental care


head position or contact instability whilst riding
heavy contact or leaning when riding
rides one sided
reluctance to go forward into the hand
reluctant or slow to round up
reluctant to take a real contact
poor/excessive/inappropriate reaction to half halts
hard to bridle
holds bit between teeth and lacks control
rearing, bucking, bolting
failure to gain condition
weight loss
long fibres found in droppings
bad breath from mouth or nostrils
unable to move lower jaw sideways
sores at corner or within mouth
cheeks sensitive when you press them against teeth
bolting of feed
stuffs as much hard food as possible into his mouth with each bite
quidding ie. Spits out partly chewed wads of hay
dunking hay in water
dribbling feed from mouth
bony bumps on the lower jaw or enlargements elsewhere on skull
draining abscesses anywhere on the head
discharge from the eye or nose
he is between 2 and 5 years old ie. Shedding caps
he is older than 20 ie.he may have loose or expired teeth causing pain and therefore slow eating or weight loss

Dodgy Teeth